Khorezm regional information library centre (ILC)

Khorezm ILC was created in July, 2006 on base of regional scientific – universal library. It disposes in three floor building, has three reading halls, computer hall book depository with more than 595.000 books. Side by side with traditional forms of service also render electron information serve. For that, there are computers, xeroxes, scanners and other electron production of information. There are six compartments and five departments in the structure of ILC. Their activities are constructed on foundation of plan of ILC and plan measures. The address of ILC is central part of Urgench, A.Kadiriy street, 2-B Regime of work.
– department of service – from 10 to 19 o’clock rest – day – Sunday .
– reception and other departments – from 9 to 18 o’clock rest – day – Sunday.

Scientific – methodical department

It is one of the main departments of ILC, which organized system methodic service of information – library serve of population. It studies and analyses the work of ILC, organized new ways and best methods and experiments in practice of their work, organized the rise of qualification of library workers. Scientific – methodical department give a big attention to main way of methodic guidance, to improve the quality of information – library service, guaranteeing information centers with methodic materials.

Compartment of acquisition of information and library documents

Workers of compartment realize acquisition of library fond by means of solution. Consequently recommendations of republic information – library centre, acquisition brings main books and there is a main role are readers and their interests. There are books, journals, newspapers and other typing up documents on uzbek, russian and other languages. All of them are treated and taken into account. In 2010 year ILC copying 110 titles of newspapers and journals.

Department of cataloguer and treatment of information and library documents

The main problem of department – to serve full and operative opening of funds of ILC through catalogs and also methodic help ness to information – library establishments in this work. Each book which pass in ILC, has own “passport” and own place in catalog. With develop of information technology and their way in information – library service. There are electron catalogs instead of cards. There are more than 240000 titles of books. Electron catalogs is the main part of information system KaDaTa, which give us search and receipt of information

Information – bibliographic compartment

Compartment realizes inguiry – bibliographic serve of readers, provide bibliographic consultations, recommendation bibliographic allowance, “little forms” of bibliographic allowance on actual themes, also in electron variant. There are rich funds of inguiry – bibliographic literature: encyclopedias, dictionaries of different character. Department gives to readers, inguires also over, the phone interesting to them guestions.

Department of keeping of information and library documents

There are about 150000 books, in compartment also keeper newspapers and journals since 1939 year literature and periodic dive to compartment of ILC through interests of readers

Department of landmark information

Department exposes and systems all the literature about Khorezm region, makes recommendation bibliographic indexes to object of landmark, through mass media – newspapers, magazines and TV, propagandize landmark knowledge. All the landmark literature of department are in electron fails. Big interest of readers called video roller. There is a landmark museum in department where are paints, ceramics, dress with traditional Khorezm design, books of famous scientists, posts, writers, interesting and unigue documents about the history of our land

Department of legal information

Department gives information service about legal guestions. Readers can get needing information about laws of our country, other documents of legal character. All information of legal guestions is in CD discs and in program “Norma”

Department of clergy and work with youth

The main problem of department is to promote the forming ideal conviction of youth. There are about 90.000 books of unique thematic. Department serves students of universities, colleges, lyceums and schools. Works above professional orientation, helps tea chers with literature and with problems of harmoniously develop generation. In the count of measures which pass in department are reading conferences, thematic evenings, disputes, victories.

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