Department of landmark information

The library landmark, as independent direction in the activity of libraries have been folded almost half century period. We must have in view, till now the landmark activity had almost all main sections of library and the deg ree of their participation in it wasn`t considerable. After creation of independent sections and departments, she fulls with new maintenances and become the mainest direction in the activity of information – library foundind. To know own history ahd the culture of your nation, landitis the reguirement and duty of each person. In Khorezm ILC is showed bid work by learning and conservation of interest to historic – cultural legacy of land. In last years, in maintenances of landmark activity of Khorezm ILC are occurring a lot of changes. Work of landmark department has been fulled with other meaning and maintenance in asossiation with new condition of being of library centers and new information technologies. The base of all landmark activity of Khorezm ILC is landmark fund and landmark information – bibliographic apparatus. Information -bibliographic apparatus contains of free catalog, recommendation card -indek of landmark literature, fund of bibliographic allowance of landmark character, thematic files of landmark direction, electron book fund of landmark character, electron systematic card indek, videos of electron books, landmark mini – museum. The fund is used by readers and colleagues of information – library centreun different ways. The bookish fond of landmark department consist of 1095 copies of books. Landmark department of Khorezm ILC assemble and keep landmark fund not only for present but also for next generations. Regularly many autois give their book as present. In the last two years to department was given 85 book of famous autors, scientists, statesman of art and culture. Above creation electron bookish fund the department leads a big work. Today is copied in fulltext volume 80 book. Main meaning for full service readers have directore apparatus. For a long time bibliographers of Khorezm ILC had been worked with systematic newspaper – magazine card – index. Systematic card – index includes cards for books, booklets, alboms, articles from newspapers and journals (central and regional). Cards stand behind every division in back chronology order. Card – index is leaded in Uzbek and Russian languages. Without them it is impossible in full and qualitly serviced readers. With aim of assistant to political, economic and cultural develop of our land in Khorezm ILC had been designed bookish exhibition “Хorazm jannatmakon yurt”. The exhibition has parts “Economic life of Khorezm”, “Yourth of Khorezm”, “What do read about Khorezm”, “Khiva – pearl of Khorezm”, “Art and culture of Khorezm”. New modern information technologies us create new resourses. Forming of electron landmark base of facts in Khorezm information centre began sinse 2008 year. Besides electron catalog, newspaper – magazine electron card – index IRBIS in landmark depotrmen cvas created electron – thematic: “What do read about Khorezm”, “Agriculture of Khorezm”, “Protection of the envairment”, “Avesto”, “Economic of Khorezm” and other Khorezm ILC also applies usual forms – thematic files. They include information about political life of Khorezm, economic, health servise; national education, about history of land, about it`s outstanding men. The main part of work of landmark is edition of landmark bibliographic lists “What do read about Khorezm …” “Advise to read”. In lists are assembled information of every branch of knowledge and quaterly puplished on Uzbek and Russian languages. Also puplished recomandation lists and electron files devoted to jubilee dates of Khorezm poets. Also Khorezm ILC puplished illustration buklets as: “Khorezm information – library Centre”, “Invitation to mini – museum”, “Landmark department of ILC”. Khorezm ILC give a big sense to as form of work as landmark reading, presentation of book of local autors, meeting with famous people of the city, thematic conferences, exhibitions of works of paintors and masters of art. A big sense given to legal education of youth, all the time accompanied meetings with represantives of local organs: justice, prosecutors and etc. Mini – musium created in landmark department plays a main role in reviol of clergy. Colleague assemble themselves exhibits of local paintors potter works, ceramics , caskets, national dresses with traditional Khorezm design. The main landmark life were and are books. There are unique and invaluable copies of seldom books. Assembled and carefully keeped 140 books on arabic language and 553 books on Russian language. There are also throw about region ancient books and typescripc which represent scientific interesc. In theese aims in ILC organizing the base for the working out innovation project “Cultural legacy of Khorezm: searches, investidations of national degnity”. The aim of project – considerably expand search of seldom books and typescript, which the part of project of them isn`t in our country. The realization of project allow considerably inrich the landmark fund with historical files above. Ancient Khorezm, more fule satisfy reguisements of our users. ILC dive to new forms of landmark work must carry creation of multimedial disks with most actual themes: it is musical disks above books “Khorezm”, “Avesta”, disks with photos of arrangements, watching videos such as “Opening of landmark mini – musium in Khorezm ILC”. Considering the library landmark as the main pare of information – library activity, we see the main task in the rise of effectiveness and guality of service of readies, provide full keering of landmark fund, the increase of attendance of library with using of new information technology.

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